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Capturing families and newborns is what i do. Whether it is your  tiny newborn, your exploring toddler, crazy school aged kids your extended family . . . our passion is capturing the beauty that makes your family yours. Telling your story through images of your real, tender moments and the love that you have for your children is what makes our world go around. I believe in the power of printed portraits and creating timeless artwork for your walls that you will cherish forever. For over 5 years i have been passionate about capturing and creating treasured artwork for families. I would be honored to capture yours.

Each moment  I spend with your family is precious. Families deserve to have some of those moments captured. As a family portrait photographer, it is my privilege to help you hold onto those shared moments. I offer a range of on-location packages to suit the wants and needs of every family. From short sessions for those families with hectic schedules to full day documentary packages, I have a product that fits your needs.

I'm a photography business based in Barking and Dagenham, family photography East London- the United Kingdom, as local photographers dedicated to creating memories that will last for a lifetime and beyond. One of my specialties and what i most love to do is to take pictures and photograph families, family photography East London, awaiting mothers, babies, and toddlers. The creator and CEO of mine is EvaGud photography was a great passion of mine and when i first became a mother, i began to photograph my son as much as i could, as me wanted to cherish every moment of  little boy’s life. After i had my second child, i understood that my real passion relied on photographing newborns, that is the reason why i decided to make a living out of photography and pursue my dream. 
I love to photograph families and children because we believe they are the pillars of our society and our future. I embrace all types of families no matter which ethnicity, culture, religion, gender or sexual orientation they belong to. Because we believe that families and their children should all be treated equally no matter their political perspectives or beliefs. I also respect and treasure motherhood and womanhood, women are human beings capable of bringing life to the world and spreading love by educating our children. 
England, and especially London, East London is a city that has a lot of impact on my CEO’s work. Since the beginning, EvaGud photography not only wanted to capture each special moment in a child’s life or in a family’s life, i wanted to tell a story and transport the client into a vivid fairy-tale. London, East London is a place that is full of history, folk stories and magic. Many photographers as Kate Barry, Alice Hughes, Helene Binet,  William Whiffin, and much more others talents lived here and found inspiration in this timeless city. In my work, i want to take each magical element from London, East London and portray it in each one of my pictures. In other words, i not only want to take simple photographs, but it is also my desire to deliver a breath-taking pieces of art. 
I want to grant my customers not only a service, but a wonderful experience where they can feel comfortable and not intimidated by my camera. I provide different options so the client can choose the one that best fits its requirements, i offer home photo sessions, outdoor sessions in parks, gardens or even the countryside (if the weather permits it). I also as local photographers offer photo sessions in the client’s house or at my studio, where i have a variety of backdrops and props. After i take the pictures, i edit the lightning and enhance the colors of each one of them, but i prefer to maintain my photographs as natural as possible. I offer mini photo sessions as well, so be sure to follow my Facebook for new announcements. 
First and foremost, congratulations to you. It is given that you are excited and nervous, especially since you have been expecting your baby to arrive. While you are trying your best to make sure that everything is perfectly prepared, the overall process can still be overwhelming. It cannot be denied that finding professional maternity photography in London is a crucial decision for you and, more importantly, on the top of your preparation list.
When looking for London maternity photographer, look no further than EvaGud Photography. With me, it is all about capturing your affection for your baby who you have been nurturing for nine months. EvaGud photography based in East London as local photographers promises amazing pregnancy photos and other maternity photos you require. The images i capture are capable of telling your baby how he/she was loved even before his/her arrival. Our goal is to help you preserve it, so you can tell that wonderful and lovely story to your baby!
Maternity photography, by essence, is all about joy and love. Being a professional pregnancy photographer, it is our aim to be your go-to maternity photo shooting in home studio that could help commemorate this special time between you and your baby.
We understand that every pregnancy is precious and unique in its own way. EvaGud Photography is knowledgeable and capable of helping you celebrate your pregnancy with a touching and beautiful record of this blissful time.
Our photographers here at EvaGud Photography based in East London are all professionals with years of experience in the field of photography. They are specially equipped in handling maternity photography in London. More importantly, they always have the best ideas of what you are exactly looking for in your maternity photo sessions. We even have the means to bring these ideas into reality. So, at the end of the day, you can rest assured knowing that the end result is always satisfactory.
For years, we have been the leading London maternity photographer in East London and the surrounding areas. Not only do we provide the best quality and top-notch service, but we are also known for utilizing different photography techniques. These techniques, in particular, have helped us go beyond the industry standards and, more importantly, wow all clients we have worked with ever since.
Apart from the aforementioned, our photographers are known for displaying their professionalism in various ways. For starters, they are equipped with the latest tools and/or state of the art equipment; hence, they can bring out the best of each maternity photo they take. Even more so, they are flexible in locations, such as a photo session in your home, photo session in the park, or even photo session in the field of your choice.
It really does not matter what your preferences are when it comes to pregnancy photos. We make sure to take them into consideration every now and then. So, the next time you require pregnancy portraiture, it is imperative that you know that EvaGud Photographer is – and always will be – here for you.
There is no doubt that this is the most amazing time in your life. Not only is your family growing, but you also have new things to look forward into. All in all, this is the kind of moment that you do not want to pass easily – you want to remember every bit of it. After all, new babies are so quick in growing; hence, it is only imperative that you document the very first moments of their life. And when you are looking for newborn photography in East London, there is no better photographer than Eva Gudziunaite Photography.
The home photo studio in East London, I pride in providing you with timeless and professional photographs. These newborn images are specifically meant to cherish with your forever. I do not just capture them for sake of being a job – but because we too are parents. We truly understand the need to hold on to these precious moments for eternity!
​Newborn Photographer In East London
​Your baby comes with ever-changing personality. Not that it is a bad thing, but it is simply what babies are. In fact, this quality is what makes them lovely and cute. This is also what I want to capture in every newborn photo session. I do not just want to capture stunning photos of your kid – we want to bring forth a beautiful baby photo.
So, how does Eva Gudziunaite Photography do this? How are our professional photographers able to provide you with the best newborn photo shooting in East London? Here is everything about it in a nutshell.
For starters, I focus on your newborn baby – he/she is, after all, the limelight of this service. From there, we pick and use poses and/or props that are apt to your little baby’s mood and personality. Of course, I do not just choose them right away;  also ask for your permission. I simply want to make sure that we are both on the same page, so we can all achieve a much better and satisfactory result.
Apart from the aforementioned, our professional newborn photographer specialists will be using a lot of neutral colors. But despite that, we do not steer clear from our goal, which is to keep the overall focus on your newborn baby. Essentially, our goal is to create timeless and newborn portraiture of your little one. For instance, we will tend to focus on your little one’s fingernails and tiny toes. We also love to focus on his/her cute lashes and sweet curliness. We promise to provide a fun, loving, and warm newborn photo shooting.
Eva Gudziunaite Photography is all about making your session as simple yet enjoyable as possible. And even if your newborn photo session up to four hours, it will be an indispensable experience for you and your baby. At the end of the day, it is your experience that matters to us. Otherwise, we cannot really call our newborn photos great.
The times we spend with our families, especially our children, do not stay forever. Time passes by so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up. Kids, most especially, grow up so fast. So fast that the next thing we know they’re already all grown up and living life on their own. Thankfully, kids photography can capture rare precious moments and help us relive those special times over and over through pictures.
family photography can bring a family closer together because photos are tangible proofs of how important each and every member of your family is. As all of you grow older, you’ll want to look back on and remember the great times you’ve had as a family.
Aside from that, kids can grow up so fast. Before you know it, they’ll be attending uni and living independently on their own. So if you want to immortalise precious moments together, you should definitely consider hiring a kids photographer in London.
To celebrate milestones
Did any of your kids win an award at school? Is your little one celebrating his or her first birthday?
 These milestones are worth celebrating. After all, they don’t happen again. And what better way to remember these happy and memorable times than through digital photos and printed pictures? You can share them with other family members and just smile and go back to those celebratory moments.
 To make memories last forever
Kids won’t always be kids. They’ll grow up and have families of their own. And you? You’ll miss them when they were these little messy creatures running in your living room all day. So make lots of memories with them and capture everything on camera through kids photography.
 To document the journey
From child photos of their first steps to pictures of them graduating in uni, these are all special events that make the life more worthwhile. By documenting those important events, you’ll be able to look back at how far you’ve come as a family; how significant each of those pit stops are to your journey.
 To relieve stress
Sometimes, stress can get the best of us. We become so consumed with our problems that we forget to enjoy life. Worse, we tend to take our loved one for granted because we are so overwhelmed with stress. But if you look at pictures of family photography, you’ll forget all your worries and instead, be filled with love and longing for your beloved. Seeing your children smiling back at you in those pictures will surely make you feel relaxed and worry-free.
Hire a kids photographer in London today to capture beautiful pictures of you and your children.

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I am a EvaGud  Photography  newborn,  baby, maternity,  family photographer in London and I am based in Barking and Dagenham East London. I photograph newborns and babies in my home photo studio and families on location – in your home or a favorite  outdoor location such as a park or a city. I regularly travel to make photo sessions across London, East London, North London, South London, West London, Kent, Essex



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