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Taking pictures of pregnant women is a pleasure. These photo sessions are the coolest the women are positive full of energy sexy and so beautiful. True the latter things the pregnant woman does not always agree. Often when they come to a photo session, they admit that they are complexes due to altered body shapes. Everything changes when a woman makes a makeup a hairstyle dress up with a dress. Then they feel like a queens :)

The essence of femininity - in maternity. I has already been a photographer for 6 years I was the only child who started to take pictures of pregnant women mothers with children and newborns. The woman herself raises three children and remembers her photo shootings during her three pregnancies. When I was waiting for the second time I did a few photo sessions. I wanted to be pregnant not to be afraid of changed body shapes and to feel like a queen. After all not everybody succeeds in conceiving and giving birth.Many are shy of their shapes emphasizing that they have gone beyond their clothes and want to return to their former shapes. Public pressure on these perfect forms is very much felt

In my art of maternity photography me not only want to cheer women but also to emphasize the essence of femininity. It is not in parties or night clubs but in motherhood. Pregnancy breastfeeding having a baby - this is the most important thing. This should be emphasized by the media fashion designers. A woman should not be slim it bent. If she gives life let her be a hair-thrown one kilogram. You don't have to be afraid of that you can portray it very nicely. Women come alive during a photo session. If you come in gray and complex combed decorated and beautiful you behave differently. Many are shy about their shapes emphasizing that they have gone beyond their clothes and want to return to their former shapes. Public pressure on these perfect forms is very much felt. I'm not just talking about pregnant women.

Many photo sessions I been done pregnant women usually come in when they see their tummy - about 7 months pregnant. Most often this is the first pregnancy but there are some that come with both the third and the fourth child. Women want beautiful dresses makeup hair stylish want to look beautiful. But some women are closed enough. I photographed a completely naked pregnant woman only once. She was waiting for the second child so she decided to take a photo session because as she said maybe is last time. And so many people even disagree with dressing up an unbroken dress that barely shines. Often to maternity photo session women come with they men but they are hard to persuade them to put on. Immediately reassuring you that you won't need much just a little bit of a bit. But then I see how beautiful they look at their women they are like to enchant. Finally he agrees that it was worth the ride. As long as the weather allowed I was photographed outdoors and now of course I needed to hide in the home studio. Even though women are determined to escape even in the summer due to a beautiful shot.

They are asking for more correction on photoshop - imperfections of the figure, teeth. But not much is needed. Beautiful our pregnant women

Make up before maternity photo session

Perhaps every woman using glossy fashion magazines once imagined themselves as a photo model. However you often have to be disappointed when reviewing your photos. After all hiding minor flaws and highlighting your natural beauty is not very difficult. It is important not to overdo and find the middle of gold between "too much" and "too little". Great if you are a makeup specialist (or maybe Photoshop?) Or you are accompanied by a professional visualist. But if it is not do not despair. Here are some simple rules for photo-photography that will be useful for photographers and for the photo shoot. Usually much more cosmetics are used for cosmetics than for a regular day make-up. This is due to the fact that the flashes in the light are slightly faded and the excess cosmetics are absorbed.

1. Facial skin

Facial imperfections (acne, blemishes, black eyes) will be masked by a mask. It needs to be applied very carefully. The masking agent must be one or two tones lighter than the natural skin color.

It is important to choose the foundation for the make-up that suits your skin. It is best to warm - brown or peach shades. To avoid the mask effect, evenly apply face, neck and neck skin.

Unacceptable greasy facial shine! The facial skin must be perfectly opaque. Here you can use the powder powder. Just a little bit of powder just before and during the photo shoot won't really hurt.

Use a blush to make your face more expressive. Without them, the face in the light of the flash will look flat and round. Brighten the cheekbones and chin line with blush or powder.

2. Nose You can adjust the nose shape with light and dark tones

1 wide nose

2 long nose

3 short nose

4 asymmetrical nose

5 thin nose

6 nose with humpback

3. Eyes

Highlight your eyes with contoured eye pencil and shadows. Choose matte shades of warm shades. Glittering shadows reflect more light so if they are too much you will not be able to see the picture properly. Don't use too dark shadows because your eyes will look tired. When painting the upper eyelid highlight the outer corner of the eye.

Do not forget the eyebrows: be sure to highlight them and adjust the shape if necessary.

Paint your eyelashes thoroughly (from the root to the tip) with a few thin layers of mascara. If they don't look bright enough stick them artificially.

4. Lips

Try to keep your lips natural. Perfectly colored matt or pearly lipstick will work best. Be careful when choosing a lipstick color. Dark-toned lipstick will add extra age to the model.

Too bright and shiny paint will not be seen in the picture - the lips of the model may look completely unpainted.

To make the lips brighter and dull, apply a lipstick of the same color before applying the paint.

A small drop of gloss in the middle of the lips will give them volume.

These simple tips will help to highlight and reveal the natural beauty of the model.

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